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Funny Political Pictures

Funny political pictures. With the news being an important part of most peoples lives, how could we not laugh at the politicians? We have everything from jokes about bloodthirsty politicians to poking fun at current events in the news. Have fun looking at our funny political pictures and don't forget to rate them to let us know what you think! We have only the best funny political pictures. You're always welcome to send us your funny political pictures. Use a 'Show' link to see a full size image. If you like some of these funny political pictures - don't forget to send it to your friends by 'Send this funny pictures...' link or just send them link to Let your friends laugh out loud! Enjoy this Funny Political Pictures!

Political Funny Pictures
 Political:  F.... Bomb Raider  
 Rating: Week 5.0/10 votes 91   Total 5.2/10 votes 374
Political Funny Pictures
 Political:  The American soldiers are learning new ways to use the swine flew against their enemy.  
 Rating: Week 4.8/10 votes 53   Total 5.6/10 votes 1424
Political Funny Pictures
 Political:  Say 'Good-bye' ...  
 Rating: Week 4.6/10 votes 74   Total 5.2/10 votes 586
Political Funny Pictures
 Political:  Aerotechnics  
 Rating: Week 4.6/10 votes 78   Total 5.6/10 votes 1247
Political Funny Pictures
 Political:  Those Stealth Bombers really are invisible!  
 Rating: Week 4.6/10 votes 46   Total 5.0/10 votes 282
Political Funny Pictures
 Political:  Just how big is your penis, Mr Bin-Laden  
 Rating: Week 4.6/10 votes 57   Total 3.9/10 votes 526
Political Funny Pictures
 Political:  New in Bush?  
 Rating: Week 4.6/10 votes 49   Total 4.2/10 votes 197
Political Funny Pictures
 Political:  'I sure US never find me ...'  
 Rating: Week 4.5/10 votes 37   Total 5.5/10 votes 612
Political Funny Pictures
 Political:  bin ballerina Laden  
 Rating: Week 4.5/10 votes 46   Total 4.2/10 votes 415
Political Funny Pictures
 Political:  New friends  
 Rating: Week 4.4/10 votes 41   Total 5.4/10 votes 289
Political Funny Pictures
 Political:  Wanted!  
 Rating: Week 4.4/10 votes 51   Total 5.0/10 votes 337
Political Funny Pictures
 Political:   Only Jesus knows the secrets of the sand people  
 Rating: Week 4.4/10 votes 36   Total 4.9/10 votes 62
Political Funny Pictures
 Political:  USA snipers looking for Osama Bin Laden.  
 Rating: Week 4.3/10 votes 44   Total 4.2/10 votes 385
Political Funny Pictures
 Political:  how many hands?  
 Rating: Week 4.3/10 votes 37   Total 4.4/10 votes 48
Political Funny Pictures
 Political:  'Ooooff! Me velly solly!'  
 Rating: Week 4.3/10 votes 48   Total 5.4/10 votes 521
Political Funny Pictures
 Political:  Taliban singles online  
 Rating: Week 4.3/10 votes 42   Total 5.2/10 votes 412
Political Funny Pictures
 Political:  The Terrorists have won the toss and have elected to receive!  
 Rating: Week 4.2/10 votes 72   Total 5.5/10 votes 811
Political Funny Pictures
 Political:  Terminated  
 Rating: Week 4.1/10 votes 48   Total 4.5/10 votes 277
Political Funny Pictures
 Political:  Afgani Battle Donkey  
 Rating: Week 4.1/10 votes 55   Total 5.6/10 votes 1234
Political Funny Pictures
 Political:   The most important map you will ever see  
 Rating: Week 4.0/10 votes 33   Total 3.8/10 votes 40
Political Funny Pictures
 Political:   I hope they have a lot of Leninnade.  
 Rating: Week 4.0/10 votes 30   Total 3.7/10 votes 43
Political Funny Pictures
 Political:   Meanwhile in Russia......  
 Rating: Week 3.6/10 votes 35   Total 3.7/10 votes 65
Political Funny Pictures
 Political:   " least take off your uniform first."  
 Rating: Week 3.4/10 votes 37   Total 3.2/10 votes 52

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